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Wee Give Box

Connecting book lovers with book givers

Wee Give Box

The idea for Wee Give Box came to me after a member of my book club told me she was getting together some new, unwanted clothing to donate to a national organization. 

She had boxed up the items to return to the company but had missed the window for the store's returns.

Donate Locally 

She wished there was an easy way to donate her new, unworn clothes that would directly benefit children in her community.

She also didn't want her new things to get "lost" in a big bin. 

With grown children she already knew the importance of early childhood reading and the need to get books into the hands of children early, and often.

Plus, she wanted the funds raised from her donations to stay in her community and benefit a cause she, like me, truly cared about: literacy, especially for young children.

Book Givers 

I knew there were charities like Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library and PJ Library who gave books to local preschool children (newborn to age 5) monthly.

And First Library™and First Library Plus (the nonprofit free book plus clothing and toy program I founded), whose programs, and the children they serviced, could greatly benefit from such donations.

Book Lovers 

I thought there must be a way to connect book lovers with book givers.

And to easily collect and ship their new unworn and unwanted clothing donations to raise funds for these charities.

It was then that I created “Wee Give Box”.

Wee Give Box helps nonprofits collect NEW UNWANTED clothing (in previously used shipping parcels) to raise funds for local free monthly book programs.

I began to speak to local and national businesses about placing a "Wee Give Box" card inside of every box they shipped to their customers.

Wee Give Box information cards have program descriptions and donation instructions to help donors easily donate their new unwanted clothing. 

Prepaid shipping labels can be requested for the nonprofit book program of the donor's choice.

Proceeds from the donations give up to 60 brand new, age-appropriate books to preschool children in the donor's community.

Three For Wee

In keeping with Wee Give Box and the nonprofits mission of getting books into the hands of preschool children in the most efficient and fastest way possible, Wee Give Box and the nonprofit book programs only accept NEW CLOTHING. 

Three new pieces of clothing can give a child a year's worth of books. 

Kids Get Books

Of the 2.3 million children in the United States under the age of five, only about ONE MILLION receive a free book monthly through nonprofit book programs.+ 

Children registered in these free monthly book programs can receive up to 60 free, brand new, age-appropriate books at no cost or financial obligation to their families. 

Parents are asked to read to their child daily.

+gov link 

dolly link

 pj link 

Wee Keep Boxes Out Of Landfills Too!

As a life long recycler, I knew Wee Give Box 's mission should also include recycling the boxes that came with the donations. 

Nationally, only 25% of consumers send back their cardboard (boxes) for reuse.++  

Wee Give Box helps to increase that number by offering donors an easy and hassle free way to recycle their used boxes.

++USA Today link 


Donate your new unwanted clothing