Parent Pledge

Second Year

Parent Pledge

Year Two

Child's Gender*
I pledge to read to my child daily.*
I pledge to visit my local library monthly.*
I pledge to provide documentation of my library visit.*
Original, copy or screenshot of check out receipt. Screenshot of borrowed books (dated return sticker must be clearly displayed). See below.
I pledge to attend a library sponsored children's event every other month. *
Story time, craft time, holiday time, movie time, etc.
I pledge to provide First Library documentation of my library sponsored event.*
Picture of event or copy or screenshot of program with library stamp and date. (Ask checkout clerk to stamp and date flyer).
My child's participation may be revoked at any time if documentation is not provided. *
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Thank you for your child's continued participation in the First Library program. 

Yearly parent pledges by both parents (if applicable) are required for participation in the program. Please submit the form for your child's continued participation in our program.