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First Library, in conjunction with Dolly Parton's Imagination Library (, gives a free, brand new, age-appropriate book each month to every child, under the age of 5, registered in their literacy program, at no cost or financial obligation to their families.*

From the first book every child receives, "The Little Engine That Could", to their last book on their 5th birthday, "Look Out Kindergarten Here I Come", each book is carefully selected by a panel of professionals.

The program is intentionally composed with each book leading to the next. For those children 3 and older, every book has title specific reading tips for the parents to help them maximize their reading experience.

Books are mailed to the child’s home and are marked with their first and last name. If a child is registered as soon as they are born, they can receive up to sixty free books for their own personal first library.

New first time parents of children under one year old can print an official registration form, request one below, email [email protected] or visit for more details. Official registration forms are required for participation in the program.

First Library is currently available in Chatham Borough and Chatham Township, NJ.

Parents interested in having the First Library program in their community should fill out a First Library Request form.

*Proof of first time birth, i.e. doctor's note, and local library patronage are required for participation in the program.

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What our customers are saying

I love this program, what a great thing you're doing. Teaching the importance of Literacy and starting with new parents who may not know how important it is to read to your child. Thank you.

Nicole Hughston

Dolly Parton's Imagination Library, (, is a nationwide program that manages the monthly distribution of free books to children from birth to age 5 registered in their affiliate sponsored literacy programs.

These high-quality, age appropriate books are chosen by experts in the education and writing field and are based on the child's age. The program's mission is to instill a love and appreciation of reading in every child, starting at birth, making the experience fun and meaningful.

The free books from Dolly Parton's Imagination Library are a mixture of classic and contemporary fiction and non-fiction for children.

Children will get a book appropriate for their age on different subjects like rhyming, nursery rhymes, letters, safety, diversity and school preparation.

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