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Books for Three Year Olds

Group 4

Themes & Concepts

Love of reading and learning; regard for diversity of people, their roles, culture, and environment; promotion of self-esteem and confidence, appreciation of art and aesthetics. Each series of books should contain certain characteristics specific to their age appropriateness including:

More complex stories - hero, complication, resolution

Diversity of others - faces, environment - OK to be different

Play, humor, fun

Nursery rhymes and poetry

Learn More

*Silly Goose's Big Story

I Just Want to Say Goodnight

*The Rabbit Listened

*With Any Luck I'll Drive a Truck

*Edie is Ever So Helpful

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Max & the Tagalong Moon

Philomena’s New Glasses

Goodnight Numbers

Chimpanzee for Tea

The Giant Jumparee

+ The Snowy Day

*Silly Goose’s Big Story 

*Signifies a new book to the program

+Signifies a bilingual English/Spanish title or Hispanic Content

Titles subject to change.

Max and the Tag along                      Truck Stop


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