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Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library

2009 Book List

All of the following books are published by Penguin Group, Inc.

* The first book each child receives is The Little Engine That Could (customized version)

* The month children turn 5 he/she receives Look Out Kindergarten, Here I Come! (customized version)

Group 6 (Children born in 2004)

Invisible Moose 

Groundhog Gets A Say

Ducks Don't Wear Socks 

Owl Moon

Thank You World 

Lissy's Friends or Mr. Katapat's Incredible Adventures or Turtle's Race with Beaver 

Five Nice Mice 

A place called Kindergarten

Why do mosquitoes buzz in people's ears?

Dolphins on the Sand

Badger's Fancy Meal 

Group 5 (Children born in 2005)

The House That Jack Built 

Luke Goes To Bat 

Apple Farmer Annie

Officer Buckle & Gloria

Chicken of the Family 

Grandfather Buffalo

Aesop's Fables

Take Care Good Knight

Red, Red, Red, or Sally & the Purple Socks 

Legend of the Indian Paintbrush

Coyote Raid on Cactus Canyon or Granny's Dragon

Snowy Day

Group 4 (Children born in 2006) 

Boom Chicka Rock or Easy Street 

Gobble Gobble, Crash! 

A Lot of Otters

Firefighters to the Rescue 

Bunny Cakes or Twenty-Six Princesses

Mama's Little Duckling

Llama, Llama mad at Mama 

The Gruffalo

My Lucky Day 

Tiger Can't Sleep or Fluffy and Baron

Welcome to the Zoo

Little Monkey Lost

Group 3 (Children born in 2007)

Only You

The Mine-o-saur 

Big Sister, Little Sister

Big Brother, Little Brother

Cook Time Song

Llama, Llama Red Pajama

Little Loon and Papa 

Pip and Squeak 

The Wild Little Horse 

Momma Will You?

Roar of a Snore

Pigs Love Potatoes

Group 2 (Children born in 2008)

Corduroy Goes To The Doctor

Kitty Up! 

Peter Rabbit, Rainbow Shapes and Colors 

Gingerbread Man 

Dimity Duck 

Good Night, Gorilla 

ABC Look at Me

Ready, Set, Skip

Panda Whispers

Raindrop Plop!

Group 1 (Children born in 2009) 

Where's Spot or Spot Goes To The Farm 

Where's My Nose 

Giggles with Daddy

Max's First Word 

Look at the Animals 

Peek-A-Boo Morning

Skippy Jon Jones: Up and Down 

No Matter What 

Look, Look! 

Wake Up, Sleepy Bear

Lull-A-Bye Lil One